WordPress is an web platform that is used to deliver over 40% of all websites. The platform, community and partners are extremely active – continuously adding features and making improvements.

Tuxstars’ mission is to support people and businesses that have existing WordPress sites or are considering migrating to WordPress. With over 15 years of experience of working with 100s of WordPress sites we have seen what works and what does not. Our aim is to empower businesses to leverage the platform without having to learn all about WordPress and the associated lingo!


We understand no company or site is the same so Tuxstar offers a matrix of services that can be tailored to meet your needs and complement you capabilities.

Tuxstar has a deep understanding of WordPress and also working with site owners to support and train them to achieve their objectives.

Flavours of WordPress

We have experience in many different uses of WordPress and how it can be extended

  • Commerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Content generation
  • SEO
  • Community Building

WordPress Lingo

We speak WordPress and English! We can provide support and training with your teams to ensure they get the most from WordPress. Gutenberg, Roles, DNS, SEO, JetPack, Woo, Themes, Posts, Plugins and Permalinks are all terms in WordPress. Tuxstar can fast track you to ensure you understand the elements you need to and provide support for elements you do not.

Active in the community

The WordPress community is an exceptional resource – providing wide range of experience, products and services to support and enhance WordPress. Tuxstar is an active member of the WordPress community – supporting WordCamps, contributing resources to WordPress core and WordPress extensions. The community also helps inform Tuxstar about the direction of WordPress development and help make the case to prioritise / build new features.