WordPress Recover

The WordPress recovery service is here to help you regain control of your website. There are many causes for websites to go rogue – resulting in your website becoming a liability rather than an asset.

Potential Risks

  • Site no longer accurately respresents the company / services / products it was built to endorse
  • Stale / old content can reflect poorly on your brand – driving people away
  • Loss of access to orders, feedback forms and information that is being left on the site
  • Sites no longer updated (technically) can become targets for hackers – resulting in loss of data, defacing of your site or increased costs.
  • Inappropriate access to your site – identify what people and services have access to your site and data
  • Backups – in case of the site becoming deleted / unreliable.

We can help understand what vendors, hosting and access to your site. If access is lost we can help work get it re-stablished.